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Oxford Professor Is Accused of Selling Ancient Texts to Hobby Lobby

ImageThe American chain Hobby Lobby is owned by the Green family, which opened the Museum of the Bible in 2017.CreditJoe Raedle/Getty Images LONDON — A trans-Atlantic investigation conducted by a Washington museum and a London-based archaeological group has accused a prominent Oxford University professor of stealing and selling fragments of ancient texts to Hobby Lobby, […]

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An Archaeological Puzzle on the Danube

LEPENSKI VIR, Serbia — The faces are haunting. About 8,000 years ago, over a period of perhaps 200 years, artists that lived in this settlement on the banks of the Danube carved about 100 sandstone boulders with faces and abstract designs. The faces are simple, with wide round eyes, a stylized nose and down-turned open […]

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Lion Bones Are Profitable for Breeders, and Poachers

An international treaty prohibits the buying and selling of products made from any of the big cat species, save one: the African lion. If the animals have been bred in captivity in South Africa, then their skeletons, including claws and teeth, may be traded around the world. Lion parts legally exported from South Africa usually […]

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