Tag: Olympic Games (2020)

Japan’s Olympics Chief Faces Corruption Charges in France

LONDON — The president of Japan’s Olympic Committee has been indicted on corruption charges in France, following an investigation into the bidding process that led to Tokyo being awarded the Summer Games it is preparing to host next year. Tsunekazu Takeda, a former Olympian who is also the chairman of the International Olympic Committee’s marketing […]

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Boxing Federation Controversy Puts Sport at Risk in the Next Olympics

LONDON — The International Olympic Committee is moving toward expelling boxing’s international federation, a step that could imperil one of the tent-pole events of the Summer Olympics at the 2020 Games in Tokyo. Controversy has for years plagued the boxing federation, which is known by the acronym A.I.B.A. Then last month, a man the United […]

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Gymnasts Describe Emotional and Physical Abuse by a Prominent Coach

“Coaches have so much power,” she added, “power over college scholarships and Olympic dreams — too much power.” Sam Cerio, a gymnast on a full athletic scholarship at Auburn, recently confirmed that Han once hit her on the head with such force that he left a handprint on her face. She declined to elaborate on […]

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