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For Poland, Nobel Prize in Literature Is Cause for Conflict as Much as Congratulation

WARSAW, Poland — Winning a Nobel Prize in Literature is usually a cause for celebration in the writer’s home country, a point of pride and a justification for a bit of patriotic pomp. But in Poland, where the nation is engaged in a bitter and consequential battle over the question of what it means to […]

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The Nobel Prize in Literature Is Just Trolling Now

After a one-year absence brought on by an ugly and convoluted sexual abuse and financial malfeasance scandal, the Nobel Prize in Literature returned in 2019 with a charm offensive. The Swedish Academy’s Nobel Committee would bestow not one, but two awards, to make up for last year’s no-show. And it promised that, after a period […]

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Olga Tokarczuk’s Gripping Eco-Mystery

Murder mysteries, however else they might differ, rely on one major, shared belief: that murder matters, and is worth looking into. Whoever did the killing, whoever was killed, the investigation moves forward because the people inside the story and those outside of it, following along as the clues unfold, agree that the murder has moral […]

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