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Enter the Candidate Wives

Ready or not, here come the political wives. It’s that time in the campaign cycle when many nominees, especially those running for statewide office, shift from stirring up their base to making themselves more palatable to the general electorate. This year, the Republican Party is under particular pressure to slap a friendly face on its […]

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A Surprise Senate Race in Colorado: Michael Bennet and Joe O’Dea

GRANBY, Colo. — It was a bit tense for a groundbreaking ceremony. Against the striking backdrop of the enveloping Rocky Mountains, Senator Michael Bennet, a Colorado Democrat seeking a third full term, symbolically shoveled dirt to start a $30 million Colorado River restoration project for which he had helped secure nearly half the funding. Watching […]

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Donald Trump’s Death Grip Has Upended the G.O.P. Senate Map

As today’s politicians go, Senator Michael Bennet is kind of boring. Ideologically moderate. Dispositionally low-key. Scandal-free. A sensible technocrat rather than a charismatic ideologue. Heck, when Mr. Bennet, a Colorado Democrat, ran for president in 2020, he joked that a perk of electing him would be that people could simply forget about him for days […]

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