Tag: Nuclear science and engineering

Canceling noise to improve quantum devices

For years, researchers have tried various ways to coax quantum bits — or qubits, the basic building blocks of quantum computers — to remain in their quantum state for ever-longer times, a key step in creating devices like quantum sensors, gyroscopes, and memories. A team of physicists from MIT have taken an important step forward […]

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Fast-tracking fusion energy’s arrival with AI and accessibility

As the impacts of climate change continue to grow, so does interest in fusion’s potential as a clean energy source. While fusion reactions have been studied in laboratories since the 1930s, there are still many critical questions scientists must answer to make fusion power a reality, and time is of the essence. As part of […]

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School of Engineering awards for 2023

Each year, the MIT School of Engineering honors outstanding faculty, students, and staff across its departments, labs, centers, and institutes with a number of awards. Recently, the school announced the following members of the engineering community at MIT as winners of its 2023 awards. Faculty and teaching awards William Tisdale, professor of chemical engineering, received […]

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