Tag: Nineteenth Amendment (US Constitution)

How the Spanish Flu Almost Upended Women’s Suffrage

“Everything conspires against women suffrage. Now it is the influenza.” — A suffragist quoted in the New Orleans Times-Picayune in 1918 One hundred years have passed since the 19th Amendment was ratified and added to the Constitution. The year 2020 was meant to be one of celebration and commemoration. Then the pandemic came. Centennial plans […]

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On the Trail of America’s First Women Voters

It has long been seen as one of the flukes of American political history: For three decades after the American Revolution, the women of New Jersey had equal voting rights with men. The state was the first — and for a long time, the only — to explicitly enfranchise women, in laws passed more than […]

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America, the Idea, Is Lost

The idea of America that most of us have come to embrace — that of a functioning democracy responsible and responsive to its citizens who are entitled to vote and whose votes are equal — is lost. In fact, it may never have existed in that way at all. And the trends in society are […]

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