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Sheldon Silver’s Corruption Conviction Is Partially Overturned

A federal appeals court on Tuesday partially overturned the 2018 corruption conviction of Sheldon Silver, once the powerful speaker of the New York State Assembly, but allowed much of the conviction to stand — likely ending his hopes of remaining out of prison. Mr. Silver, a Democrat from Manhattan’s Lower East Side, had been sentenced […]

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It’s Fish vs. Dams, and the Dams Are Winning

NEWBURGH, N.Y. — For thousands of years, alewives and blueback herring have left the ocean to swim up the Hudson River to any one of scores of tributaries to lay their eggs. But in a more recent era, the fish have been literally hitting a wall as dams popped up all over the region, powering […]

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Cash Bail Was Never About Safety

The slow work of criminal justice reform is often piecemeal, a matter of politicizing the system’s routine practices and developing a moral language to undo them. Bail has become one of those issues, with advocates exposing the predatory bail bonds business, creating community-based bail funds, and lobbying for an end to cash bail. The message […]

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