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How AI Can Tackle 5 Global Challenges

Climate: Green Reengineering Generated by Gabrielle Doré via Midjourney We have the solutions for climate change—but we need to improve them. Clean power sources like wind turbines need to be stronger and last longer. Batteries need to be cheaper and cleaner. Energy efficiency has to go deeper. How, for instance, do you wring even more […]

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3 Questions: How are cities managing record-setting temperatures?

July 2023 was the hottest month globally since humans began keeping records. People all over the U.S. experienced punishingly high temperatures this summer. In Phoenix, there were a record-setting 31 consecutive days with a high temperature of 110 degrees Fahrenheit or more. July was the hottest month on record in Miami. A scan of high […]

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Explained: The 1.5 C climate benchmark

The summer of 2023 has been a season of weather extremes. In June, uncontrolled wildfires ripped through parts of Canada, sending smoke into the U.S. and setting off air quality alerts in dozens of downwind states. In July, the world set the hottest global temperature on record, which it held for three days in a […]

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