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Florida Company Sued Over Sales of Skimpy Health Plans

One Ohio resident paid $240 a month for health insurance that she later learned didn’t cover her knee replacement. Saddled with $48,000 in medical bills, she decided not to get the other knee replaced. “It’s been devastating to me,” said Elizabeth Belin, who lives in Columbus. The bills totaled more than her annual salary. A […]

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Corinne Foxx Gets Her Own Category on Beat Shazam and Talks Beating Her Anxiety, Too

Photo: Courtesy “Beat Shazam” Corinne Foxx, daughter of Jamie Foxx, is a pretty face, but she also has a brain; and for mental health awareness month, she’s adamant about talking about ‘brain health.’ In addition to co-hosting Fox’s Beat Shazam, the weekly music series in which two brothers from Philly recently walked with a cool […]

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