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Kendrick Lamar Leads 2019 Grammy Nominees, and Women Dominate Major Categories

The rap stars Kendrick Lamar and Drake lead the list of nominees for the 2019 Grammy Awards announced Friday, but right behind them is a crop of young and less heralded artists, notably women, after years of friction about diversity, including a major dust-up over gender representation after the last ceremony. The Instagram star turned […]

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diary of a song: ‘Slow Burn’: Watch Kacey Musgraves Turn Country Music Psychedelic

Kacey Musgraves took an LSD trip and returned with the concept for “Slow Burn,” a song that set the tone for her genre-bending country album. Using FaceTime interviews, demos and doodles, we show you how the track came together.Published OnOct. 24, 2018 Sometimes all it takes is a title. And some LSD. For Kacey Musgraves, […]

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