Tag: Mobile devices

Technique enables AI on edge devices to keep learning over time

Personalized deep-learning models can enable artificial intelligence chatbots that adapt to understand a user’s accent or smart keyboards that continuously update to better predict the next word based on someone’s typing history. This customization requires constant fine-tuning of a machine-learning model with new data. Because smartphones and other edge devices lack the memory and computational […]

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A pose-mapping technique could remotely evaluate patients with cerebral palsy

It can be a hassle to get to the doctor’s office. And the task can be especially challenging for parents of children with motor disorders such as cerebral palsy, as a clinician must evaluate the child in person on a regular basis, often for an hour at a time. Making it to these frequent evaluations […]

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A system to keep cloud-based gamers in sync

Cloud gaming, which involves playing a video game remotely from the cloud, witnessed unprecedented growth during the lockdowns and gaming hardware shortages that occurred during the heart of the Covid-19 pandemic. Today, the burgeoning industry encompasses a $6 billion global market and more than 23 million players worldwide. However, interdevice synchronization remains a persistent problem […]

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