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Across the Country, Minor League Towns Face Major League Threat

LEXINGTON, Ky. — The Lexington Legends take the mantle of home team seriously. The owners of this minor league baseball franchise are immersed in regional charities. Its handlebar-mustachioed mascot, Big L, crashes dozens of birthday parties every year. Its ballplayers routinely visit the hospital bedsides of children. The owners say their team’s ability to draw […]

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Now Playing for the Syracuse Mets: Yesterday’s Stars, Not Tomorrow’s

SYRACUSE — During a recent homestand, the Syracuse Mets trotted out a lineup featuring two players born during Ronald Reagan’s first term and another born during Jimmy Carter’s presidency. In its first season as the Mets’ Class AAA affiliate, Syracuse has relied on an unusually mature bounty of past-their-prime veterans (and, notably, one former professional […]

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