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Sprint’s OnePlus 7 Pro 5G lets you experience 2020’s ‘typical’ 5G today

Blame the overaggressive marketers. Last year, they claimed that 5G cellular networks would launch with unthinkably fast speeds, putting home broadband power into your pocket even before there were use cases to properly exploit it. It didn’t actually go that way. While 5G has launched across multiple countries, most carriers aren’t using insanely fast, short-distance millimeter […]

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Verizon warns that mid-band 5G will perform more like 4G

After being accused by T-Mobile CEO John Legere of 5G lies and being “dead in the water without a strategy,” Verizon’s consumer EVP Ronan Dunne retorted today that the company has been executing on its 5G strategy since dividing its business into consumer, business, and media groups: deliver meaningfully differentiated 5G to urban areas, followed […]

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