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Give Democrats a Chance to Get Serious in Their First Debates

Tonight and Thursday night will mark the start of a new stage in the 2020 presidential primary. With a pair of debates in Miami, 20 of the now-25 Democratic hopefuls will take their cases (and their faces) to a broader national audience—and for many, this will be one of their few chances to distinguish themselves […]

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Trump Trying to Explain Why His Job Numbers Aren’t Better Than Obama’s: A Story Told in Gifs

Photo: Alex Wong (Getty Images) Donald Trump is a liar. He’s not even a skilled liar. He’s just a regular old run-of-the-mill liar you could find in any mall in America. He’s the Marshalls of liars. He’s the intramural, coed, every person has to play five minutes basketball league of liars. So when Trump claims […]

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Trump Has the Perfect Location for His Library: A Trump-Owned Property

Photo: Tasos Katopodis (Getty Images) Leave it to the businessman, who’s so bad at business he’s probably lost every game of Monopoly he’s ever played, to try and profit off his presidential library. On Sunday, Meet the Press host Chuck Todd—who is no Tim Russert—asked the president if he has thought about his presidential library. […]

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