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Solace and Salvation in the Marvel Universe, at 12 Cents a Comic Book

The Marvel Universe and I grew up together. I was there when Peter Parker got bit by that rogue radioactive spider. I was there when the Avengers found Captain America frozen in a block of ice. I was there during the very first Kree-Skrull War. For me, the Marvel Universe — born in 1961 with […]

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A Police Union Is Telling Cops to Use the Punisher’s Logo Amid an Investigation Into Racist Social Media Posts

The Punisher symbol.Image: Marvel Earlier this year, a group of St. Louis police officers were put on administrative leave after their racist social media posts were resurfaced, prompting the police department to launch an investigation into them. Now, the head of St. Louis’ police union is calling for its members to support their fellow cops […]

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