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Rep. Ilhan Omar’s Patriotism Questioned During 9/11 Ceremony: ‘Why Your Confusion?’

Photo: Chip Somodevilla (Getty Images) Aside from doing nothing in response to mass shootings, one of America’s favorite pastimes is touting the virtues of tolerance, diversity, and inclusion. This is a melting pot after all, and post-racial America would never do things like hand pick a woefully underqualified racist to guide our nation or use […]

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The Donald’s Worst Nightmare? More Than 260,000 People Petition to Rename Trump Tower Block for Barack Obama

Photo: Zach Gibson (Getty) Donald Trump seems to have a love affair with Barack Obama; he just can’t seem to resist mentioning the forever president every chance he gets. Trump Continues to Take Credit for Forever-President Obama’s Work Here’s the Trump presidency in a snapshot: If there is an issue, blame former President Barack… Read […]

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Black Student Protest Leads to Prosecutor in the Central Park 5 Case Quitting Her Columbia Law School Job

Photo: iStock Another day, another example of karma coming for folks in the fallout over the wrongful prosecutions of the Central Park Five. Manhattan Assistant District Attorney Elizabeth Lederer has quit her part-time gig as a professor at Columbia Law School after renewed calls for her ouster by the Black Law Students Association, the New […]

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