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The Black Mage’s Daniel Barnes and DJ Kirkland Unpack the Meaning of the Book’s Magic

Oni Press’s The Black Mage, by writer Daniel Barnes and artist D.J. Kirkland, tells a story that’s unique to the young, black magic-user at the center of the comic. But the story is familiar to any person from a historically marginalized background that finds themselves suddenly thrust into the eternally weird world of higher education. […]

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Anime Lovers, Megan Thee Stallion Wants You to Have a ‘Hot Girl Summer,’ Too

Screenshot: Art Crooks (Paper Magazine) Anime-loving blerds of the world, this one’s for you! In conjunction with the release of her highly anticipated single/summer anthem, “Hot Girl Summer,” the newly minted hip-hop goddess known as Megan Thee Stallion is also perched atop the digital cover of Paper magazine in a look so hot it’d make […]

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