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What America Doesn’t Get About Dictatorships

BOGOTA, Colombia — It’s been five months since the opposition lawmaker Juan Guaidó assumed the symbolic role of interim president of Venezuela, hoping to unseat the country’s strongman, Nicolás Maduro. Despite more than 50 countries recognizing Mr. Guaidó as Venezuela’s legitimate president, oil sanctions imposed by the United States, massive street protests, and the worst […]

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Negotiating Venezuela’s Transition

Last month’s preliminary talks between representatives of Venezuela’s government and the democratic opposition, facilitated by the government of Norway and held in that country, are an important first step toward a democratic transition. Norway is well placed to take the lead in facilitating negotiations; it has considerable experience, expertise and international respect for its scrupulous […]

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One Way to Bring Down Maduro and His Cronies: Indictments

Just a few months ago Venezuelans were filled with renewed hope: for a new president, for desperately needed humanitarian assistance, for democracy to be restored in their country. But with the failure of an uprising led by the opposition leader Juan Guaidó in April, 2019 has become a frustrating year for the people of Venezuela. […]

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