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NYPD’s Shake Shack ‘Incident’ Was a Whole-Ass Lie

Photo: Timothy A. Clary (AFP via Getty Images ) Last week, the New York Police Department drew the ire of the internet after some officers claimed that a Shake Shack had poisoned the shakes some officers ordered. Rather predictably, it turned out to be a whole-ass lie. Advertisement Vanity Fair reports that a sergeant in […]

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If My Classmates Are Going to Cheat on an Online Exam, Why Can’t I?

Because of efforts to slow the spread of Covid-19, the large university I attend has, like many others, transitioned to online instruction for the foreseeable future. In-person classes are not prohibited, but the administration has strongly recommended against them. Because we are on the quarter system, our final exams are scheduled for next week, immediately […]

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