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Uber and Lyft Drivers Win Ruling on Unemployment Benefits

Drivers for Uber and Lyft won a key victory in their yearslong campaign to secure traditional unemployment insurance on Tuesday, when a federal judge in New York ruled that the state must promptly begin paying them benefits. The ruling was prompted by a lawsuit filed in late May by drivers and an advocacy group called […]

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Massachusetts Sues Uber and Lyft Over the Status of Drivers

Uber and Lyft should treat their drivers in Massachusetts as employees with the right to receive benefits, instead of misclassifying them as independent contractors, the state’s attorney general said in a lawsuit filed against the ride-hailing companies. The suit, made public on Tuesday, makes Massachusetts the second state after California to challenge how Uber and […]

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Are Uber and Lyft Drivers Well Paid? It Depends on the Study

The most contested question in the gig economy may be how much workers earn, since their hourly wages can be widely uneven. Concerns about pay have helped fuel moves in California and New York City to regulate gig-economy companies as if they were more like conventional employers. Last week brought evidence that drivers for Uber […]

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