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Jennifer Lopez Answers Your Questions on Persevering and More

TORONTO — In the new drama “Hustlers,” Jennifer Lopez plays Ramona, an enterprising ex-stripper who devises a plan to to squeeze cash from her former clients. Before Lopez walked the red carpet for the premiere of “Hustlers” at the Toronto International Film Festival, she sat down to answer questions from Times readers about her films, […]

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The Sly Superpower of ‘Hustlers’

Jennifer Lopez apologized for how she smelled. That light waft of cigarette smoke, she said, gesturing with a faux-tattooed arm. Maybe it was her, maybe it was embedded in the white couches and plush carpeting, here on the 29th floor of a midtown Manhattan high-rise. Either way, the mood was set. It was near the […]

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‘Hustlers’ Review: Ripping Off the Suits

“Hustlers,” a semisweet, half-flat cocktail of exposed flesh, fuzzy feminism and high-spirited criminality, overflows with of-the-moment pop-cultural signifiers — Cardi B makes an appearance, and Lizzo does, too — but it also strikes a note of nostalgia for the recent past. Specifically the movie, written and directed by Lorene Scafaria (“The Meddler,” “Seeking a Friend […]

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