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With Libya Still at War, E.U. Agrees to Try Blocking Weapons Flow

BRUSSELS — The European Union agreed on Monday to launch a new naval and air mission to stop more arms reaching the warring factions in Libya, overcoming initial objections from Austria and Hungary, which feared the mission might encourage more migrants to try to come to Europe. The decision by foreign ministers was a victory […]

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Libyan Militant Is Sentenced to 19 Years in Deadly Benghazi Attacks

A Libyan militant was sentenced Thursday to more than 19 years in prison by a federal judge for his role in the 2012 Benghazi attacks that killed four Americans, including the United States ambassador. The militant, Mustafa al-Imam, was convicted by a jury last year of conspiring to provide material support to the terrorists who […]

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International Powers Call for Cease-Fire in Libya’s Long Civil War

BERLIN — Russia, Turkey and a dozen other international powers with competing interests in oil-rich Libya called Sunday for a cease-fire and an arms embargo, committing to end their own interference on the ground to give Libyans space for a political reconciliation. Sunday’s gathering, hosted by Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, offered a small glimmer […]

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