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Conservatives Are Trying to Ban Books in Your Town. Librarians Are Fighting Back.

For the book banners, this was never just about the books. The free public library as we know it in the United States, as a public good, as a hallmark of liberal democracy, was not always thus. The idea of a free library open to all is one that was long fought for and won […]

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Ron DeSantis Is Chasing Conservative Clout at the Expense of His Real Constituents

Thanks to these inadequate directions, in January in Manatee and Duval counties, school officials told teachers to remove or cover their classroom libraries. The Manatee County teacher’s union advised its members to comply with the law. A Duval County teacher’s video of empty shelves went viral, and when DeSantis was confronted with it, he accused […]

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Exploring the rich traditions of Brazilian music

Student presentations tackled themes of identity, nation-building, racism, multiculturalism, and more, as reflected in the rich traditions of Brazilian music at “The Beat of Brazil” last month at the Lewis Music Library. The presentations were by students of Portuguese enrolled in class 21G.821 (The Beat of Brazil: Portuguese Language Through Brazilian Society), taught by Nilma […]

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