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How Do Toyota’s 2022 GR Supra, 1,250 WHP 2JZ Supra And Lexus IS 500 Fare Against BMW’s M240i, M340i And M4 Competition?

The future of automobiles almost certainly has a lot fewer cylinders in it. We’ve see that metric decrease for decades now but it doesn’t mean that the current landscape is devoid of landmark engines. In this drag race-focused video, Jason Cammisa shows us why the B58 and S58 inline-six engines BMW is making right now […]

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‘Oh, no!’ Palm Tree Breaks And Crashes Several SUVs At Arizona Acura Dealership

Videos have emerged on social media showing a large palm tree being knocked over by monsoon winds in Tempe, Arizona. The tree, one of several lining the parking lot of an Acura dealership, falls on several Lexus and Toyota SUVs. Footage of the aftermath shows the tree resting atop a Lexus RX450h, an Acura MDX, […]

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