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In Montauk, a Garden Runs Delightfully Amok

THE GRASS THAT blankets the only sizable expanse of lawn in Robin Standefer and Stephen Alesch’s two-acre Montauk garden is about a hand’s width high and grows in lush whorls, like the coat of an English cocker spaniel. Standefer and Alesch — who in 2002 founded the New York-based design studio Roman and Williams (perhaps […]

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Who Mows the Lawn at Storm King, New York’s Largest Sculpture Park?

SURFACING It takes a crew of eight to maintain the 500 acres at Storm King Art Center, where art lives in the landscape. ImageMaya Lin’s “Storm King Wavefield,” (2007-08) gets a haircut.CreditThomas Prior for The New York Times Joel Longinott and Robert Finch dig a hole for a new installation. Mark di Suvero’s “Figolu” (2005-11) […]

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Oak Tree Given to Trump by French President Has Died, Official Says

It wasn’t long after the oak tree arrived on the South Lawn of the White House, a gift from a World War I battlefield in France, that it suddenly disappeared. The oak, which was supposed to be a symbol of a longstanding French-American alliance, had been placed in quarantine, because it was a living thing […]

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