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Here’s Why Your MacBook Might Be Saying ‘Not Charging’ When Plugged In

Recently, it seems that some MacBook owners are seeing a message when their laptops are plugged into the charger where it says “Not Charging”. If you are freaking out and think that there could be something wrong with your laptop, not to worry because in a recently released support document, Apple explains why. Advertising According […]

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First Apple Silicon MacBook Pro And MacBook Air Expected By End Of 2020

Earlier this year, Apple announced a refresh to the 13-inch MacBook Pro. It came with updated processors and the new scissor switch Magic Keyboard. However, it seems that Apple could be getting ready to update the 13-inch MacBook Pro again, but this time, it will come with Apple’s custom silicon instead. Advertising This is according […]

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Apple Confirms ARM-Based MacBooks Will Continue To Support Thunderbolt

When Apple announced their transition from Intel processors on their computers to a custom ARM-based silicon, naturally there are some questions regarding compatibility. This was mostly software related, but what about hardware? For those who might have been concerned about Thunderbolt, it seems that Apple will continue to use the standard in future devices. Advertising […]

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