They Should’ve Used This Song Father John Misty Wrote for ‘A Star Is Born’

It’s borderline slanderous to say that one could improve on the soundtrack to A Star Is Born, replete as it is with Sad Banger after Sad Banger. But the nearly perfect record is missing something. It needs one more downtempo song in the vein of “Maybe It’s Time,” something raw and slow and gutting that […]

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Lady Gaga, Tyra Banks and the Disneyfication of Fashion

This week Lady Gaga, last seen winning the game of entrances at the Met Gala, will re-emerge in Las Vegas to continue the series of “Enigma” shows she began last December at the Park MGM. On its own that may be exciting news for anyone feeling “Shallow” nostalgia, but this time around she is also […]

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