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Konami’s P.T. Lisa trick ensures I’ll never play that game again

My PlayStation 4 Pro has a playable copy of Konami’s abandoned P.T. horror experience. I’m one of the lucky people who downloaded and saved the game before the publisher removed it from the store. And yet, I don’t think I can ever play it again after what I’ve learned. P.T. community hacker Lance McDonald revealed […]

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Contra: Rogue Corps gets weird competitive multiplayer mode

Contra: Rogue Corps is Konami’s latest entry in the long-running run-‘n-gun shooter series, and this time the studio is including a competitive multiplayer mode as well. Carnage League is a four-on-four sport that Konami debuted in a new, incomprehensible trailer. I’ve watched the Carnage League video like six times to figure out what is going […]

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The RetroBeat: I can’t wait for the TurboGrafx-16 Mini

Having miniature, HDMI-compatible versions of classic consoles like the Genesis and Super Nintendo is great, but a lot of us actually owned those systems. The TurboGrafx-16 Mini is exciting because it gives a chance to experience a console few of us played. The micro console comes out on March 19, 2020. It doesn’t have an […]

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