Tag: Johannesburg (South Africa)

An Artist’s New Migration Song

Serge Alain Nitegeka hasn’t been free to roam in a while. For over five years, the Johannesburg artist has been unable to leave South Africa as he waits for his case for citizenship there to be resolved. (He was born in Rwanda.) Overseas exhibitions, commissions — he’s had them. But from a remove. Paintings are […]

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Stranded in the Maldives by Coronavirus Travel Restrictions

Olivia and Raul De Freitas are currently on their honeymoon, at a five-star resort, in the Maldives, a nation composed of more than a thousand tiny, idyllic islands in the Indian Ocean, like a trail of smashed crystals scattered on a slab of blue glass. For years the subject of fantasy photo spreads in glossy […]

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