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Rare Rides: A 1965 Brasinca Uirapuru – Say What?

Today’s Rare Ride is a very limited production coupe from Brazil that appears to be very derivative in its styling. But what if that’s not the case at all? Brasinca was a Brazilian truck manufacturer in the 1960s, building heavy duty trucks for the hauling of lumber or delivery of gasoline. It also made parts […]

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Rare Rides: The 1975 Jensen Interceptor Convertible – A Very British Chrysler

The Jensen Interceptor brought together American power and British design and craftsmanship in a rare heavyweight sports-luxury liftback. The company even made a few of them into convertibles, like today’s Rare Ride. Jensen first used the Interceptor name post-WWII, on a two-door luxury model offered in three different bodystyles. And it was a very low-production […]

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