Jared Leto Apparently Had No Idea His ‘American Psycho’ Axe Murder Scene Was Coming

American Psycho is one of Christian Bale’s best works, and two decades later it’s still a fascinating and brutal movie that’s style has impacted countless films. Some of its scenes have endured as memes even today, and it’s easy to say it’s made a big impact on the business card industry. But the 20-year anniversary […]

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Frotcast 431: Laremy Is Back, With Quarantine Lists

https://media.blubrry.com/frotcast/s/content.blubrry.com/frotcast/Frotcast_431_Laremy_Is_Back_And_He_Has_A_Coronavirus_Quarantine_List.mp3 Click to download here. Hey, all you Frotcast listeners out there who just keep on listening no matter how close humanity comes to complete obliteration! We’ve got another brilliant episode of your favorite podcast ready for your consumption. This week, Vince and Matt welcome Laremy Legel back into the virtual Frotquarters to check in […]

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