Tag: Islamophobia

Try Again, Twitter: New Religious Hate Speech Policy Leaves Much to Be Desired

Photo: iStock It’s not exactly a secret that Twitter has hate speech and harassment problems, though the lengths CEO Jack Dorsey has gone to dismiss the abusive antics and incendiary rhetoric that fester on the popular social media platform have drawn sharp critique. Twitter Has a Serious Harassment and Abuse Problem but Doesn’t Seem to […]

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Who Owns the Crusades?

Is there a historical episode less understood by the general public and more urgently in need of clarification than the Crusades? To some on the right, the Crusades prefigured the modern wars that have been cast as “civilizational” clashes, such as the so-called war on terrorism. That stereotype relies upon a yet broader myth, an […]

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YouTube to Remove Thousands of Channels, Ban Hate Speech and Supremacist Content in Order to ‘Tackle Hate’

Photo: iStock For better or worse, the digital age has allowed anyone with an iPhone or a high-speed Internet connection to express their thoughts, opinions or share their abysmal music to millions of people throughout the world. It’s also provided the same opportunity for racists, homophobes and elected officials to assail our peace of mind […]

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