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IBM’s AI automatically generates creative captions for images

Writing photo captions is a monotonous — but necessary — chore begrudgingly undertaken by editors everywhere. Fortunately for them, though, AI might soon be able to handle the bulk of the work. In a paper (“Adversarial Semantic Alignment for Improved Image Captions”) appearing at the 2019 Conference in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) in […]

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IBM’s AI can predict which patients are likely to develop malignant breast cancer within a year

In the U.S., about 12% of women will develop invasive breast cancer in their lifetime, and an estimated 268,000 of new cases are expected to be diagnosed by the year 2020 alone. Fortunately, the average five-year survival rate is quite high — 85-99%, according to the American Cancer Society — as is the average 10-year […]

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