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With Guns, Cash and Terrorism, Gulf States Vie for Power in Somalia

When a small car bomb exploded outside a courthouse in the bustling port city of Bosaso in northern Somalia, local news reports chalked it up to Islamist militants retaliating for American airstrikes. At least eight people were wounded, and a local affiliate of the Islamic State claimed responsibility. The attack, however, may have also been […]

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Could This Be the End of Frankincense?

For thousands of years, cultures around the world have revered the sweet aroma of frankincense. In Ancient Egypt, embalmers stuffed it inside the bodies and tombs of pharaohs and queens and its ashes were ground into eyeliner. Religious texts say rabbis burned it as offerings in Jerusalem’s temples, the three biblical Magi gifted it to […]

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U.N. Aid Chief Warns of Looming ‘Horror’ as Somalia Again Faces Famine

The top humanitarian official at the United Nations sounded the alarm on Wednesday about the looming risk of famine in the Horn of Africa because of drought, warning that more than five million people are threatened, mostly Somalis. The official, Mark Lowcock, under secretary general and emergency relief coordinator at the United Nations, said that […]

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