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‘He built a world of true community’

Lance Petersen, who brought 50 years of magic and joy to Homer as the community’s inspiring drama teacher, stage manager and founding director of Pier One Theatre, died just before sunset on Thursday, Jan. 26, at his home by Beluga Slough. His wife, Barbara, and son, Sascha Petersen, were at his side. He was 81. […]

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EPA blocks Pebble Mine

By Becky Bohrer and Patrick Whittle Associated Press By Becky Bohrer and Patrick Whittle Associated Press JUNEAU — The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency took an unusually strong step Tuesday and blocked a proposed mine heralded by backers as the most significant undeveloped copper and gold resource in the world because of concerns about its environmental […]

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HAPTA, Computerized Makeup Applicator For People With Limited Hand Mobility

We regularly cover L’Oreal‘s tech innovations, such as the smart Kerastase Hair Coach or the YSL Lipstick Pod (Ubergizmo’s Best of CES 2021). The cosmetics company is coming to CES 2023 with HAPTA, an AI-driven handheld makeup applicator that will help people with limited hand and arm mobility. HAPTA integrates a technology developed by Verily […]

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