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What if We Didn’t Dread Menopause?

When most people say “menopause,” they mean more than just the end of female reproductive functions and more, even, than just the accompanying hormonal changes. They mean the cornucopia of symptoms — hot flashes, vaginal dryness, psychological problems like “irritability” — thought to accompany those changes. Type “menopause and” into Google and it will autocomplete […]

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Reagan Called Africans ‘Monkeys’ in Call With Nixon, Tape Reveals

Ronald Reagan was the governor of California in 1971 when he phoned the White House to vent his political frustration to President Richard M. Nixon and, according to a newly released audio recording, called African people “monkeys” in a slur that sparked laughter from the president of the United States. The previously undisclosed exchange took […]

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Why Fiction Trumps Truth

Many people believe that truth conveys power. If some leaders, religions or ideologies misrepresent reality, they will eventually lose to more clearsighted rivals. Hence sticking with the truth is the best strategy for gaining power. Unfortunately, this is just a comforting myth. In fact, truth and power have a far more complicated relationship, because in […]

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