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GamesBeat Decides 126: Death Stranding brought to you by Monster

Someone has to keep Hideo Kojima in the life to which he is accustomed, and the Monster Energy drink company has the cash to do just that. PC gaming editor Jeffrey Grubb invites SGQD’s John Phipps and Sidequesting’s Erron Kelly to talk about Death Stranding’s Monster Energy branding on this week’s GamesBeat Decides. The crew […]

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Everyone’s Making The Same Two Jokes About The Bonkers New ‘Death Stranding’ Trailer

[embedded content] Share This Video “Alone we have no future.” That’s the overarching message in the new trailer (above) for Hideo Kojima’s enigmatic Death Stranding. Kojima also revealed the Playstation 4 game’s release date (November 8, 2019) and new gameplay details. There are unexpected features to the game, like “asynchronous online gameplay”, wherein you can […]

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