Tag: Hell’s Kitchen (Manhattan, NY)

Anonymous Stories for the Instagram Age

Handwriting is not dead. On a recent Thursday at the Fountain House Gallery in Hell’s Kitchen, 70 people milled about and read some 800 handwritten stories that were hung on clothespins along lengths of twine affixed to the wall. Each row of stories had a string of fairy lights glowing between them. Passers-by stop to […]

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Jonathan Groff to Lead Off Broadway ‘Little Shop of Horrors’

Jonathan Groff has never been in a production of “Little Shop of Horrors.” Unless, that is, you count the hours in the kitchen of his childhood home, belting out “Skid Row.” Now the two-time Tony nominee, a star of the television shows “Mindhunter” and “Looking,” is going to lead a revival of the musical in […]

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Counting Down to a Green New York

New York’s ambitious plan to fight climate change by virtually eliminating greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 is underway — and the battle begins at home. Two-thirds of the city’s planet-warming pollution is produced by buildings, primarily residential ones, according to a 2017 inventory. In spite of recent efforts, impeded in part by years of intense […]

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