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iOS and iPadOS 13 beta 4 signals death of 3D Touch, rise of Context Menu

Back in 2015, Apple introduced pressure-sensitive iPhone screens alongside 3D Touch as a potentially major hardware-software innovation, but barely supported the feature, leading to informed speculation that all of 2019’s iPhones would lose their pressure-sensing hardware. Today’s release of the fourth iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 developer betas appears to put the final nail in […]

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Apple Will Most Likely Retire 3D Touch in Favour of Haptic Touch on 2019 iPhones and iPads

The 3D Touch debuted on iPhone 6s and has been carried on to all the other models including the latest iPhone XS Max. Earlier on, a rumor had surfaced that Apple is going to ditch the Haptic Touch across all new iPhones and iPad. This was learned by a team of analysts from Barclays, who […]

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In death, 3D Touch shows Apple has innovated without an endgame

When Apple introduced 3D Touch as one of the bigger innovations in 2015’s iPhone 6S, I was optimistic about the hardware, but concerned about the software. 3D Touch combined a pressure sensitive display with a more robust haptic vibration system, enabling iPhones to register gentle, moderate, and strong finger presses, then provide a light tap […]

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