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Celeb Shout-Out App Cameo Exposes Private Videos and User Data

Cameo, the increasingly popular app for paying celebrities to record short personal videos, exposed a wealth of user data including email addresses, hashed and salted passwords and phone numbers, and messages via a misconfiguration in its app. The site also has an issue where videos that are supposed to be private are actually available for […]

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Read the FBI’s Damning Case Against the Recently Arrested Nintendo Hacker

Ryan Hernandez spent years hacking into Nintendo servers to steal games and other pieces of software. When the FBI caught him and seized his computers, it found child pornography on his hard drives, and Hernandez pleaded guilty to the crimes on January 31. According to the FBI’s affidavit and application for a search warrant, obtained […]

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Lokly Encrypted USB Key For The Most Paranoid Users

With the incredible miniaturization of portable SSD storage, you can carry several libraries worth of data in your pocket. But the mix of increased capacity and pocketable form factor creates security risks equally important. Enter Lokly, a startup building a highly secure USB key that encrypts and decrypts data in real-time as you read or […]

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