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The Flood of Court Cases That Threaten Abortion

With all that’s going on in the world of law, I didn’t plan on writing about abortion again so soon. But as the tide of Supreme Court-bound abortion cases turns rapidly into a flood, it’s become a challenge even for people with a deep interest in the future of the abortion right to keep track […]

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What Happens When Lawmakers Run Out of Abortion Restrictions to Pass

Lost in the anxiety this year over the fate of Roe v. Wade is the reality that state legislatures nationwide are already taking steps to effectively ban all abortions. Not even three months into 2019, lawmakers in a dozen states have proposed so-called heartbeat bills, which would outlaw abortion at around six weeks of pregnancy, […]

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Roe v. Wade Is at Risk. Here’s How to Prepare.

ImageElianna Schiffrik, center, was among a small group of counter-protesters outside the Supreme Court during the March for Life on Friday.CreditDamon Winter/The New York Times Abortion opponents have spent decades planning for a Supreme Court with a majority hostile to reproductive rights. So it’s little surprise that, with the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh in the […]

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