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The Nuns Who Bought and Sold Human Beings

Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School, one of the oldest Roman Catholic girls’ schools in the nation, has long celebrated the vision and generosity of its founders: a determined band of Catholic nuns who championed free education for the poor in the early 1800s. The sisters, who established an elite academy in Washington, D.C., also ran “a […]

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When ISIS Killed Cyclists on Their Journey Around the World

Episode 4: “Collision” Producer/Director Singeli Agnew An American couple quit their Washington office jobs to bike around the world in search of experiences they couldn’t find from behind their desks. After thousands of miles through more than two dozen countries, Jay Austin and Lauren Geoghegan’s journey came to a violent end on the side of […]

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Reparations Are Rare in America, but They Have Been Paid Before

Ever since a Union Army general announced in Galveston, Tex., that “all slaves are free” on June 19, 1865 — a day now commemorated as Juneteenth — the question of how to compensate the country’s formerly enslaved people has hung over the United States. Lawmakers in Washington are scheduled to address reparations for slavery for […]

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