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Roman Reigns Talks 2K’s Partnership With LLS, Leukemia Truthers, And That Hell In A Cell Finish

Back in September, 2K Games announced that they would be partnering with The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society as part of the upcoming WWE 2K20‘s global marketing campaign: Utilizing its extensive social media presence, 2K will issue a call-to-action via the WWE Games Twitter account, urging consumers to retweet and spread the LLS message and donation […]

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Karl-Anthony Towns Wants To Tell His Story, And Is Finally Learning ‘How To Enjoy Life’

LONG BEACH, Cali. – Karl-Anthony Towns knows what it feels like to hit a big shot in a crucial moment, or how to handle the pressure of a sold out arena watching his every move. He’s used to camera flashes, cell phones tracking him, Instagram comments, and eyes following him everywhere he goes. He can’t […]

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‘The Simpsons,’ Unsurprisingly, Saw The ‘Fortnite’ Black Hole Event Coming

Nearly a full day after a black hole sucked up the entire Fortnite map, the game remains on pause. Fans kind of freaked out when the Season 10 special event took away the ability to play altogether, and the hours that passed since the initial rocket-induced meteor-created black hole have been filled with a black […]

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