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Valve warns of collateral damage in campaign against Steam review bombs

Steam revealed this weekend it was taking measures to curtail the swiftly-growing practice of review bombing by essentially hiding all reviews within the “bombing” period — even the ones from gamers who aren’t participating. This would probably take out a chunk of “legitimate” reviews, and won’t do much to smooth the tensions between gamers and […]

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How ideological bias in video game design changes our view of society

Civilization VI, a game I like, has a new expansion pack out. It’s a strategy game series I’ve been playing since 1994 or so, and every Civ is a kind of simulation of how the world works. That’s what this piece is about: simulating systems. Specifically, what gets simulated, and what doesn’t. Every kind of game, regardless of genre, […]

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Why is Google adding Nintendo controller support to Chrome?

Google is apparently working to improve native support for Nintendo‘s Switch controllers within Chrome. Could this be a sign of things to come for Project Stream? A recently discovered commit in Google‘s Chromium Gerrit page proposes to “improve support for Nintendo Switch gamepads.” First spotted by 9to5Google and Owen Williams, it would improve support for Switch […]

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