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Firewatch’s Publisher Just Created Their Own Handheld Console Called ‘Playdate’

When it comes to handheld gaming consoles, it’s really hard to beat the likes of Nintendo and their DS-series of handheld consoles. However, it seems that Nintendo could be getting a challenger in the form of a console called Playdate. This device was created by Panic, better known as the publisher of popular indie title […]

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A ‘Star Wars’ Movie Based On The ‘Knights Of The Old Republic’ Video Game Is Reportedly In The Works

StarWars.com It seems like the Star Wars universe’s rapid expansion was tempered a bit in the wake of Solo‘s status as a less-than-enormous smash hit, but there’s a new film that will make a certain part of the fandom extremely excited if reports are to be believed. Episode IX is coming, yes, and a trilogy […]

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Razer Confirms That Ouya Will Be Shutting Down For Good June 25

Years ago, companies were still exploring the possibility of using Android beyond mobile devices. Ouya was such a company where the company launched an Android gaming console where it quickly became a crowdfunding darling. However, things turned sour fast due to the delays, which ultimately resulted in Ouya being bought over by Razer. Advertising Razer […]

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