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How Did Birds First Take Off?

In 1993, “Jurassic Park” helped inspire 9-year-old Stephen Brusatte to become a paleontologist. So Dr. Brusatte was thrilled to advise the producers of last year’s “Jurassic World: Dominion” on what scientists had learned about dinosaurs since he was a child. He was especially happy to see one of the most important discoveries make it to […]

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Imagine T. Rex. Now Imagine It With Lips.

Brimming with serrated teeth bigger than bananas, Tyrannosaurus rex’s fanged maw is iconic. Many depictions of the prehistoric predator show its teeth sticking out even when its mouth is closed, like a snaggletoothed crocodile. However, some paleontologists think T. rexes need some serious lip filler. In a study published Thursday in Science, researchers posit that […]

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We Regret the Fossil Error. It Wasn’t the First.

At its best, paleontology opens windows into trillions of other lifetimes spent swimming, scuttling, stomping and soaring across this planet. Scientists, the press and the public alike tend to tell and retell these success stories, lionizing intrepid researchers. The most impressive specimens are enshrined in museums. But possibly just as important is when scientists get […]

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