Tag: Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (1977)

What Trump and Corruption Cost Us

Watching the scandal about Ukraine unfold, I have thought often about my former colleague as a United States ambassador, Marie Yovanovitch. An experienced, thoughtful, and effective senior officer, she had made remarks about corruption that put her in the cross hairs of the Ukrainian government to which she was accredited, and was quickly removed from […]

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Walmart Agrees to Pay $282 Million to Settle Bribery Investigation

Walmart has agreed to pay $282 million to settle a long-running investigation into questionable payments the world’s largest retailer made to obtain government permits in countries like Mexico and Brazil. The settlement with the Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission caps one of the biggest investigations ever under the Foreign Corrupt Practices […]

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Bribes and Backdoor Deals Help Foreign Firms Sell to China’s Hospitals

BEIJING — A trip to the sauna. A golf club membership. Luxury watches. Neatly packed bricks of red Chinese bills worth $220,000. The bribes lined the pockets of health care officials across China. Their purpose: to get public hospitals to buy millions of dollars’ worth of sophisticated medical equipment made by foreign companies like General […]

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