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Trophy Hunter Seeks to Import Parts of Rare Rhino He Paid $400,000 to Kill

A Michigan trophy hunter who paid $400,000 to kill a rare black rhinoceros in Africa in 2018 is seeking a federal permit to allow him to import its skin, skull and horns to the United States, according to government records. The hunter, Chris D. Peyerk of Shelby Township, Mich., applied in April for the permit, […]

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Florida’s Panthers Hit With Mysterious Crippling Disorder

In southwest Florida, any sighting of the state’s iconic panther — on your porch, lounging in the backyard, advancing toward you on a trail — might go viral. But on Monday afternoon, the state’s Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission took to social media to crowdsource a different kind of video: panthers that seem to have […]

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Lion Bones Are Profitable for Breeders, and Poachers

An international treaty prohibits the buying and selling of products made from any of the big cat species, save one: the African lion. If the animals have been bred in captivity in South Africa, then their skeletons, including claws and teeth, may be traded around the world. Lion parts legally exported from South Africa usually […]

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