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Sorry, Clarence Thomas, but Supreme Court Ethics Reform Is on the Table

Despite the pervasive polarization which, inevitably, colors debates about Supreme Court ethics, there is reason to expect that some Republican lawmakers could sign on to an effort for a meaningful code of conduct bill. As I noted in my January 26 article, in 2022, Republican senators Lindsey Graham and John Kennedy each signed letters questioning […]

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Biden Should Embrace Executive Privilege—To Weaken It

Fortunately, Biden’s most significant decision about executive privilege so far has been to weaken it. In 2021, the House January 6 committee sought to obtain Trump White House records from the National Archives as part of its inquiry into the attack on the Capitol that year. As expected, Trump invoked executive privilege to try to […]

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The Blue Slip Is the Hot New Senate Tradition That Democrats Should Abolish

“A senator can’t use a blue slip to block a nominee because it’s not the person the senator would’ve picked,” he told his fellow senators. “The president gets to nominate judges. The White House should consult home-state senators, and it’s important that they do so in a meaningful way. But the White House may disagree […]

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