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Far Cry: New Dawn review impressions — small and scrappy

You shouldn’t play every Far Cry game. You can, of course. I’m sure people exist who do buy and play every single one. But if you’re uncertain about Ubisoft’s most checklisty of map games, you should only check in on them occasionally. And when you do, you should try the Far Cry side stories first. […]

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Far Cry: New Dawn interview — a clash of communities, a gulf of generations

When it comes to video games, talk about communities more often deals with players than what we’re playing onscreen. As I tinkered with Far Cry: New Dawn for a couple of hours during a play session last week at Ubisoft in San Francisco, my biggest takeaway was the clash of cultures happening between the open-world […]

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Far Cry: New Dawn is the followup to Primal and Blood Dragon

Far Cry is getting another one of its side-sequels. At The Game Awards tonight, publisher Ubisoft revealed Far Cry: New Dawn, which is a direct sequel to the events of Far Cry 5. It takes place in a postapocalyptic version of Hope County, Montana, 17 years after the end of the Far Cry 5. New Dawn […]

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