Tag: Endangered Species

US appoints biodiversity envoy to tackle species issues abroad

The United States appointed a new advocate for issues relating to animal and plant species conservation.  Monica Medina will serve as a special envoy for biodiversity and water resources, working on global matters related to these issues, the State Department said Wednesday.  Medina is currently the State Department’s assistant secretary for oceans and international environmental […]

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Resurrecting the Tasmanian Tiger Is a Dumb Project

Luckily, and perhaps surprisingly, however, wildlife conservation policy enjoys bipartisan support. As Vox recently reported, Congress is about to pass the biggest wildlife protection bill in 50 years (unrelated to the climate policy contained in the Inflation Reduction Act, which clearly will also affect wildlife). The Recovering America’s Wildlife Act, or RAWA, has passed the […]

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Found: One Oak Tree, Famously Missing

Instead, the group hopes to propagate or graft small sprouts they found at the base of the tree, and protect those offshoots in living collections at arboretums or botanical gardens. “That is going to be our insurance policy against extinction,” said Murphy Westwood, vice president of science and conservation at the Morton Arboretum, a partner […]

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