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‘Feeding Frenzy’: How New Yorkers Plundered the Chicago Taxi Trade

Oct. 4, 2019 Image In the fall of 2006, Chicago held an auction to sell taxi medallions, the permits that let people own and operate cabs. Hundreds of bids poured in, including some offering to pay much more than expected. The city raised millions of dollars. Officials declared the sale a success. But there was […]

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How the Next Democratic Debate Offers a New Start for Second-Tier Candidates

WASHINGTON — Senator Amy Klobuchar is going to spend nearly all her time and money on Iowa, visiting each of the state’s 99 counties with hopes that old-fashioned retail politics can inject new life into her campaign there. Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who has not matched his prolific fund-raising with significant growth in the polls, is […]

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Scaling Wokeback Mountain

WASHINGTON — I was feeling on edge. Writing a column that sparks an internecine fight among the highest-profile women in the Democratic Party is nerve wracking. So I went to the gym. Alex Toussaint, the digital Peloton instructor inside the little screen on my spinning bike, had some wisdom for me — the kind of […]

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